Honeycomb Forefoot Pads
Honeycomb Forefoot Pads
Honeycomb Forefoot Pads
Honeycomb Forefoot Pads
Honeycomb Forefoot Pads

Honeycomb Forefoot Pads

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Check out these amazing, soft Honeycomb Forefoot anti-slip silicone pads with endless beneficial properties, that allow you to wear high heels or shoes without the unpleasant pain!


These remarkable soft & elastic gel forefoot pads give the foot the cushion and support, which effectively relieve your foot pain. While walking or running, your foot will massage themselves!

If you have trouble standing, or walking, these cushioned forefoot pads provide instant relief and put a stop to that horrible throbbing pain. Enjoy walking or standing for extended periods, without pain or discomfort. Wear these soft forefoot pads with flats, heels, booties, sneakers, or even underneath other socks, for relieving painful feet, cramping arches, heel spurs, and muscle fatigue. Being pain-free has never been easier!

Easy to wear and extremely comfortable these Honeycomb Forefoot Pads are made of high-quality materials. They stretch and conform to most foot sizes, which means that they're perfect for men and women of all sizes. They are also the safest and most natural way of taking care of your foot.


  • Relieve foot pain, burning sensation, fat pad atrophy, callus & blister, sesamoiditis, bunions, etc.
  • The lightweight and flexible material can easily be worn under socks and with any shoes
  • Great for men or women, and fits all foot sizes
  • Machine washable & dryer safe

  • Honeycomb Forefoot available in Skin color, come in a Set of 2.

    Please allow 2 to 4 weeks for delivery for your Honeycomb Forefoot Pads.

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